Choosing a turnstile system: products & pricing explained

Choosing a turnstile system: products & pricing explained

March 27, 2023

You’ll find a turnstile system in a wide variety of settings. They’re a well established method of controlling access and flow of traffic. 

You’ll find various types of turnstiles in different aspects of daily life, from access control for gyms and hospitals to train stations and places of work. 

Choosing the right type of turnstile system

Tripod turnstiles: these are the kind of turnstiles you might find in public places or to control access to gyms or places of work. 

Tripod turnstiles are a mechanical turnstile system that are compact enough for smaller areas or where multiple lanes are required. 

Full height turnstiles: these turnstiles are high security and are built to effectively prevent unauthorised access through tailgating or simply hopping over a gate. A full height turnstile system can often be seen in workplace settings and stadiums.

Ansha provide both mechanical and electrical full height turnstiles, depending on your needs, and you can also opt for a double lane turnstile rather than single. Full height turnstiles systems are particularly effective in settings where an entry or exit point is unmanned, or where a one way lane is required, for example allowing people to exit but not enter. 

What are some other benefits of a turnstile system?

Another great benefit for workplace settings are turnstile counting systems, where turnstiles keep a count of who is inside a building, which is important for both safety as well as being able to account for staff clocking in and out. 

Turnstiles prevent a visible barrier and act as a deterrent in lower security settings where a full height turnstile system would not be required. 

Recent advances in technology have also seen biometrics being integrated into turnstile access control systems such as the Suprema W2 fingerprint reader shown below on a full height turnstile. 

You can now integrate facial or fingerprint recognition to increase security and prevent the risk of unauthorised access being gained by a borrowed or stolen swipe card.  

Users cant loose, share or damage their biometric credential i.e. a face or fingerprint.  

These high tech biometric systems also present a fantastic first impression and provide a great user experience for those accessing. 

How much does a turnstile system cost?

The final cost depends on your requirements and whether you are opting for installation as part of your package. At Ansha, we offer turnstile systems and access control to suit all requirements and budgets. 

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