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Our professional engineers have expertise in using technologies. It has a wide scope of range and is widely seen in the field(s) of Turnstiles. Technology is the core competitiveness of a company. Since established, we have been researching and developing high-level technologies to make sure highly efficient manufacturing process.It covers a wide range and is commonly seen in the application field(s) of Turnstiles. Therefore, for those buyers looking to buy Biometric Device/qr Controller Board For Turnstile in bulk quantity for their business, buying them from a reputable manufacturer would be a wise choice.

Place of OriginGuangdong, ChinaBrand NameAnxia
Model NumberAX-S001Product nameTripod Turnstile
Material304 Stainless SteelApplicationtripod turnstile gate
Warranty1 YearWorking environmentTemperature: -10 ~ +70
Suitable fortripod turnstile gateFeatureReliable
UsageSecurity InspectionColorSilver
CertificateCE Approved


Product Description

Mechanism Circuit Board Control Board Tripod Turnstile Gates


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Biometric Device/QR  Controller Board For TurnstileBiometric Device/QR  Controller Board For TurnstileBiometric Device/QR  Controller Board For Turnstile

Biometric Device/QR  Controller Board For Turnstile




Product details:

 Biometric Device/QR  Controller Board For Turnstile


Biometric Device/QR  Controller Board For Turnstile




Suitable for Semi-automatic three-roller brake turnstile gate, which is with electromagnets. 

Package : 1 pcs control board for Semi-automatic turnstile gate 

The control board is compatible with about 98% of the tripod turnstile gate machines on the market. The control board can be used for two-way traffic, power off and falling bar, LED direction indication, brake opening signal, etc.
Technical Parameters
1) Power supply voltage: DC24V,50HZ
2) Working environment temperature: - 10 ℃, 60 ℃
3) Relative temperature: no condensation less than 95%
4)Maximum channel width is 510mm
5) Traffic speed: 30-40 people/min (IC card)
6) Electromagnet: 20W/2W
Operating instructions for system parameter setting:
Tripod turnstile gate control board wiring instructions:
First set the type of gate (two types of power off, power off free access).
Power off the pole: When power is off, the top pole will automatically fall, pedestrians can be free to pass. After the call first press the bar, then raise the bar, the bar will automatically lock.
Free passage after power off: when the power is off,the mechanism will not lock, pedestrians can freely push into. After the power is on, the mechanism will be automatically lock,pedestrians must swipe card before passing.
Setting instructions of parameters:
After the control panel is powered on, the LCD screen will display the default state, and the default state will display the control panel, and the number of entries.
There are 5 operation buttons on the control board, including "menu", "up", "down", "confirm" and "cancel".
Key instructions:
Menu: for entering menu Settings items
Up: used to move menu items up
Down: for moving menu items down
Ok: used to enter the menu item setting item or to determine the current modified value
Cancel: used to return to the previous menu or cancel the current operation
Menu operation:
Press the "menu" key to enter the password input interface. The default password is: up, up,down, down,up and down. Enter the 6-digit password and press “ok” to enter the menu. After entering the menu, press "up" and "down" to select a function menu, and then press "ok" to enter the interface for changing functions or values. Select or adjust to the corresponding value by pressing the plus or minus button.
Example: to change the brake machine works: enter the menu, select menu "Working mode", press "ok" (display the current working way), then press "ok" to enter modify work mode selection interface, press "up" or "down" to choose the corresponding work mode, press the "ok" to modify success - set after the completion of the press "cancel" to exit (don't press cancel button, the system will automatically quit after 15 seconds).
A. System menu description:
1. "configuration of entrance and exit directions" :
Set the left side of the brake as the entrance or exit;On the right is the entrance or exit.
2. "access configuration" :
Set whether the two sides of the brake (entrance and exit) are allowed to pass.
3. "gateway memory configuration"
Whether to have memory function when opening or closing an entrance to pass, use at swiping card commonly when opening a gate, below the circumstance that has not passed in a person swiping card, whether to remember others swiping card circumstance."Forbidden" is the first person to pass the card, the second person to be valid card;"Allow" is the number of individuals swiping card that is to allow the number of consecutive people through.
4. "opening hours of entrances and exits"
Set the time when no one passes through the gate after the gate is opened and the gate machine automatically closes the gate.
5. "operation mode of brake"
Set the brake is power off, or power off free passage.
6. "statistical counting mode"
The setting count is based on the brake opening signal or the in place signal. Usually, the in place signal is not installed without special requirements, and the in place signal shall prevail.
7. "counter reset"
Empty the number of entrances/exits and recount.
8. "equipment number"
Equipment number of control panel.It doesn't have to be set.
9. "equipment information"
Display basic information of control panel, such as type, model, etc
10. "system initialization"
The parameters of the control board are initialized. After successful initialization, the parameters of the control board are restored to the factory Settings.
11. "left hand voice"
Sets the voice to play when passing through the gate from the left.Play "welcome" on the brake when you drive on the left.
12. "right-handed voice"
Set the voice to play when passing through the gate from the right.For example, when passing on the right, let the brake play "bon voyage".
13. "test speech"
Automatically play the voice in the control board in turn, after the completion of the automatic exit.
14. "test electromagnet"
The normal operation of the three-roller brake depends on the electromagnet. As long as the electromagnet can work normally and the mechanical part is normal, the three-roller brake can work normally.This will make the electromagnet work 50 times in a row.


Power AC220C±10V,50HZ
Operating Temperature -15℃-60℃
Relative Humidity ≤95%, No Densation
Access Width ≤600mm
Passing Speed 30persons/min(IC Card)
Input Connection +12V Level Signal or Pulse Wide>100ms DC12V
Communication Connection RS485 Communication Module Standard.
Material SUS304,thickness is no less than 1.5mm
Protection Grade IP54
Colour SSB(US32D)- Stainless Steel Brushed / Powder Coating(Optional)
Operation Place Subway Station, Hoverport,Tourism Sports,Exhibition, Swimming Hall,Residence Area,Enterprise’s Entrance and Exit Attendance,Gateway Guard,Charge Management,Special Access Control
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Biometric Device/QR  Controller Board For Turnstile 

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Biometric Device/QR  Controller Board For Turnstile


Shen Anxia Heavy Industrials was founded in 2008, which is a professional manufacturer dedicated in the R&D, large-scale production on security system products, such as turnstile gates, barrier gates and car plate recognition systems. As one of the biggest comanies in Shenzhen security system industry for over 10 years, our team is committed to provide high quality products and services. Our products include intelligent parking lot system, automatic access control system, intelligent turnstile system and so on. We have experience on international trading since 2010, and our products sell well in southeast Asia, middle east, east Europe, over 40 countries all over ther world. Feel free to contact us if you have projects to do with security systems. We'd love to build a long term cooperative relation with you.

 Biometric Device/QR  Controller Board For TurnstileBiometric Device/QR  Controller Board For TurnstileBiometric Device/QR  Controller Board For Turnstile



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Biometric Device/QR  Controller Board For Turnstile


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Biometric Device/QR  Controller Board For Turnstile


Biometric Device/QR  Controller Board For Turnstile


Q1: Do you have English language system?

A: We can sell you with hardware only. Also, if you want with system as well, we have our system supports English language.


Q2: Can we connect your access control system with our system?

A:  Yes, we provide SDK and Software development service with connection port.


Q3: Are your turnstile/barrier gates waterproof?

A: Yes, our turnstile/barrier gates have water proof feature.


Q4: Do you have CE and ISO9001 certificate?

A: Yes, our products have passed CE and ISO9001 certificate, and we can send you copy if you want.


Q5: How can we install those turnstile/barrier gates? Is it easy to do?
A:Yes, it's really easy to install, we have done most of the jobs before sending our products. You just need fix the gates with screws, and connect power supply cables and internet cables.


Q6: How about your warranty?

A: Our products have one year warranty.

 Biometric Device/QR  Controller Board For Turnstile

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